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    *Current Work in progress*

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    Multi player only game.

    Each player takes it in turns to place an atom on the grid.
    Players can place additional atoms onto their own atoms.

    If too many atoms are place on the same tile the atom goes critical and will explode and place additional atoms.
    When the atom goes critical it will send additional atoms horizontally and vertically away from it.
    If this atom lands on a square that has another atom on it, it will add to that atom. Also if the atom
    is another players it will be taken over by the atom that went critical.

    This shows when a atom will go critical

    This shows where the additional atoms will go.

    The game ends when the only one player has atoms left on the screen.

    Basic 2 player game.
    Full game logic.
    Programmer Art
    Round robin only multilayer.
    *important* It currently only supports 1 game at a time, you will have to restart the DS to play another game. (Yes this is the first thing to be fixed for V0.2)

    6 player support
    player count menu and new game menu done
    Completely state driven code
    all know bugs in V0.1 fixed
    Still round robin play style

    Updated artwork by Chris Hildenbrand
    Added Credits screen.
    Updated menu trigger points.