Assistance needed regarding flashcart

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    Jan 1, 2015
    Hi all, I own a DSi XL running on V1.4.4U. My flashcart is M3i Zero GMP Z003, and I have 49048201840 problems with it.

    I can't play some games after a certain year(tried patched/venom roms and some works while others don't), and it's pretty annoying. I was wondering if you guys could do suggest to me the pros and cons regarding the recommended flashcarts? I'm eyeing on R4i gold & Super card DStwo. Or if you have other flashcart suggestions =)

    Also, I just wanna try my luck and ask if there is any way at all to save my m3i zero. If I can do anything about it, I will just try :d

    Thanks a million :lol: