1. billnonya204

    OP billnonya204 Newbie

    Aug 20, 2020
    United States
    Does ARToWiiRD work in the newest win10 java version? or does it need a certain java version or does it not even work on win10?
    I have been trying to get ARToWiiRD working for awhile now but it just keeps opening what looks like a command prompt then flashing and error message ( then closing again and it does all of that in about 2 sec.
    I have tried multiple versions of java including Java SE 6, Java SE 7, and Java SE 8 and none have worked. Ive also tried the JDK but that ended in the same results. could someone tell me what im doing wrong or if it even works on win10.

    Or is it something Im doing wrong when trying to start it? because as far as I know it works like an normal exe program right? you just go to the main .jar file by double click then it does the rest because thats what im doing and it doesn't work.

    Can someone please help me get it working
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