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    Arcade Bowling, a.k.a ski ball, is a classic arcade game brought to the DSi by Skyworks Interactive. And they did a pretty good job. And for $2, this game is worth the measley 200 points. You start off going through some advertizing screens, as per usual, and get to a screen labeled "Main Menu" on the touch screen. On this screen are some buttons: Classic, Progressive, High Score buttons for each, Options and Help.

    Classic is what it is. You get 9 balls and you have to slide them down a lane (bottom screen) and into different holes (top screen) labeled with different points. That's about it. Just slide your stylus to slide a ball up. The game definetly has a leearning curve to it. Once you've thrown your 9 balls, the bottom screen will go to the High Scores list. If you made it on, your name will be flashing yellow. If not, don't worry. You'll get the hang of it.

    Progressive mode is just like Classic. Only, you keep going. You start off normally; with 9 balls and a lane. But, you have a point goal you must reach with those 9 balls. If you reach the first goal, your score will reset and you'll get another 9 balls aand another goal, only it's 20 points higher than last. That's how it goes. Reach a goal, get a 20-point higher one. You lose if you cannot reach your goal. Then, once you lose, you go to the Progressive High Scores board. Only, now, you final score is the total number of points you scored ging through all your goals. Some scores get pretty high (3000), but once you master the game, you'll own that leaderboard.

    Options are just some game settings. You can change to song and sound effects volume, and switch between 3 different songs.

    Help is help. It tells you how to play the game. And if you do not know how to use Help, there's even a Help button for that. Just click Help, the click the (?) in the top left corner of the touch screen.

    Arcade Bowling is a pretty decent game for 2 bucks. It's more of a filler game, like you play it while the computer is lagging and Mindsweeper froze. Good game for the cash and a great classic arcade game for your pocket. I recommend it.

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