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    This post will mostly be a rant but also hopefully someone will know a way around my problem.

    My iPod Touch 2G was on 3.1.2 until a few weeks ago when I upgraded to 4.0. I had my SHSH blobs from 3.1.2 backed up with Cydia a long time ago when I first installed 3.1.2 (soon after it was JB'd). A few days ago I went to use my hackintosh to mess around with coding on my iPod. Little did I know that Xcode won't let you connect a device with 4.x on it when you only have the iPhone 3.x SDK.

    Enter the next problem... The newer version of Xcode and iPhone 4 SDK REQUIRES Snow Leopard (Apple pulling an MS on devs to force OS upgrades)!!! I was able to get it to install by spoofing the OS version in SystemVersion.plist so I thought I was successful in working around this problem. I then ran Xcode and it tells me that it is onto me and that it will NOT be running on anything less than Snow Leopard...

    Act III...
    I went back to restore my iPod to 3.1.2 because being able to program on it was more important to me than the few upgrades to the OS and the small number of apps that I wouldn't be able to use anymore. But somehow my 3.1.2 SHSH blob vanished from Saurik's server. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] So I decided I could deal with 3.0 and after an extremely insane amount of work with various tools across my Windows PC and my hackintosh I was able to get back to 3.0. Then I found out that some *cough* hacku... apps required 3.1!

    To conclude...
    So now I am back to 4.0 and hoping that someone knows how to use a 4.0 device with iPhone 3.x SDK. [​IMG]