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  1. Blaze163

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    Nov 19, 2008
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    Lali ho!

    I'm sorting out the massive void on my primary memory card for my Cyclo and need some help to do it. See, I acquired an MP4 player a while back so I took all my music off my DS. I would take the movies off too but the only converter I have which doesn't leave watermarks can't convert .DPG into .AMV, so there's not much point. But I digress. Because of the removal of all the music, I had a rather gaping hole in my card and I've been trying to fill it with games. I had about 2GB free. I've added Golden Sun, Beyblade and 999 so far. What else is there? There's already a pretty sizeable collection of great games on there. Just making sure I've not missed anything. So recommend me a decent game or twelve, and I'll let you know if I add it or not. Here's the rules:

    - Assume that anything with the name 'Final Fantasy _____' is already on there. I'm kinda addicted to them. Or at least I was before 12 and 13 left me feeling cold and dead inside.

    - I play games to escape the necessity of thought. I can tolerate some puzzle games such as Phoenix Wright, but I could never get on with Layton as a series because it makes me feel stupid. So no Layton recommendations.

    - I'm open to most genres, but don't recommend anything that reinforces the stereotypes that all young men are badass gansta pimps with weed and assault rifles, and all girls are makeup obsessed brainless bimbos with a phone and an annoying laugh. Anything along the lines of 50 Cent or N-Dubz will be immediately ignored.

    - I'm partial to simple but entertaining 'pick up and play' games at the moment, but I'll put time into a game if it hooks me. I tend to favour RPG's and flying games as a rule, but I'll play anything decent. I kinda have high standards though.

    - No football (or 'soccer', if you must. Even though every other country in the world calls it football, figure that one out) games. They flat out don't work on DS.

    - Nothing based on anime. I'm sure Naruto is fascinating but I'm not going for it.

    - Nothing based on obscure Japanese fap material where coherent story telling and gameplay are put on hold to make more time to program in jiggle physics. Yes I mean those Robot Taisen games.

    That should be clear enough. Go!
  2. shiningnegro

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    Mar 13, 2010

    castlevania games are awesome
    u should try Jump Ultimate Stars even if you don't like anime games
    Soma Bringer is fun

    i dunno just check the list out n buy download

    question though since you cant tolerate puzzles does that mean u don't like grid turn based strategies?
  3. ShadowFyre

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    Sep 29, 2010
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    Staples: The World Ends With You, super scribblenauts, and the legend of zelda series. Also, if you like flying games, by all means, choose the starfox has wifi, no matter how broken it is (everyone just spams barrel rolls). Also, if you're in to FPS games, try the Black Ops Ds. Yes, I know the graphics are horrendous, but the wifi is actually quite fun. Finally, I'd like to recommend Lufia:curse of the sinistrals and final fantasy crystal chronicles...
  4. emigre

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    Jan 28, 2009
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    Maybe you should post a print screen of what games are already on you Micro SD card, it would actually help us recommended games that you probably like.
  5. RNorthex

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    Nov 22, 2010
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    like this i can only recommend checking all 1st and 2nd party developed games
    i'm playing bowser's inside story again, love it

    on rpgs, i heard knight's in the nightmare, lunar knights, valkyre chronicles are great too
    dunno how japanize is it, but dragon quest ix isn't that bad either and the world ends with you is just purely amazing
    the castlevania series are absolute must, at least the ds trilogy is one of my favs
    from flying, i could only reccommend starfox, but since the 64 version, all of the seem to suck

    apart from these 2 genre, there are just too many, a list would help, check top sites or even gamerankings
  6. Blaze163

    Blaze163 The White Phoenix's purifying flame.

    Nov 19, 2008
    Coventry, UK
    Games presently on my primary card. This will take some time.

    - 100 Classic Book Collection
    - Ace Attourney series.
    - Final Fantasy series. All of them. Spinoffs included.
    - Advance Wars series.
    - Castlevania series.
    - Bejewelled Twist.
    - Beyblade Metal Fusion.
    - Black Sigil.
    - Chrono Trigger.
    - Dementium 2
    - Dragon Quest series.
    - Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon
    - G.G whatever it's called, the minigame collection.
    - Geometry Wars.
    - Golden Sun
    - Goldeneye
    - GTA Chinatown Wars
    - Guitar Hero series.
    - Harvest Moon series.
    - Kingdom Hearts
    - Lego Rock Band.
    - Lufia Curse of the Sinistrals
    - Mario Kart
    - Megaman Zero Collection.
    - Monster Racers
    - Monster Rancher
    - Phantasy Star Zero.
    - Picross 3D
    - Pokemon White + Soul Silver
    - Rock Band 3
    - Rune Factory 2+3
    - Scribblenauts + Super Scribblenauts
    - Devi Survivor + Strange Journey
    - Sonic All Stars Racing
    - Sonic Colours
    - Space Bust A Move
    - Star Trek Tactical Assault
    - Force Unleashed 2
    - Suikoden Tierkries
    - TWEWY
    - Trauma Centre 1+2
    - WarioWare DIY.

    And that's just my main card's DS section. Not including my 2GB rserve card or anything on emulators. Told you it'd take a while.
  7. emigre

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    Jan 28, 2009
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    All you had to do was a print screen. Put your MSD into your computer, print screen it and host it somewhere [​IMG]

    Geometry Wars
    Contra 4
    Soul Bubbles
    Batman: The Brave and the Bold
    Broken Sword Shadows of The Templars: The Directors's Cut
    Giana Sisters
    Henry Hatsowrth
    Ketsui Death Label
    Maestro Jump in Music
    Planet Puzzle League
    Time Hollow
    Trace Memory
  8. danweb

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    Jul 24, 2009
    i saw bejeweled and there are a few games made by the same group worth a try:

    and the 14th of Jan release of Plants Vs Zombies
  9. oniryuk1

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    Apr 30, 2010
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    ----------------------------------------- Final Fantasy 12: Revelent Wings -----------------------------

    great game that i just started to play now, still stuck but getting trough it...............
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  11. WarBuddhaV

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    Nov 11, 2010
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    Heroes of Might and Magic:(I forget the text in here) is a fun pick it up game for quick battles or a story if you want to focus on the game. It's a nice blend of puzzle and strategy.

    Eh actually that's all I got that's not already mentioned in one form or another. I still have a lot of games on my DS i havn't gotten to yet.
  12. TestedInVN

    TestedInVN Member

    Feb 8, 2010
    Custom Robo Arena

    Drone Tactics

    Fossil Fighter

    Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes