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Apr 14, 2011
Hi, I recently got a psp and started putting all the old PSX classics on it, mainly rpgs. I have been sucessful with many single disc games, but many multi-disc games do not load until you switch disc etc, and then can't boot from disc 1, making it so close to playable yet unplayable (Grandia).

I also cannot get Arc the Lad II working, it is a single disc game. I have multiple isos and cannot get them to work. I am using Popstation MD. I use compression level 9, and I have a Gen 1 psp, 6.60 b10 PRO fix. I also have a pandora battery, so I am open to changing CFW etc to get these working. I would also like to get Suikoden or Lunar working (single disc). I have the popsloader plugin, but am not sure which setting to use for each game

If anyone has any of these games working on their PSP, would they mind discussing their CFW, serttings and approach. Even just a pointer, as I cannot work-out why it won't work for me.
I have managed to get games like Tales of Phantasia, Tales of Destiny, Tactics Ogre, FF Tactics, Abes Odyssey, Gran Turismo 2, Tenchu, Chrono-Cross and Arc the Lad 1. So I can't work-out what I am doing wrong with some of the others.

PS. I am hoping to get a refurbushed gen 1 PSP, if such a service exist. The PSP has become my number 1 favourite console due to it's affinity for PSX classics (my golden gaming era).

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