Hacking Any simple solution to game saves?


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May 4, 2008
United States
Long story short, I lost progress in Super Mario 3D Land and my completed game of TLOZ:ALBW when upgrading from Sky3DS to Sky3DS+ even with their 'save backup2' option in the latest diskwriter.

Anyway, I now have downgraded to SysNAND 9.2 and got EmuNAND going with 10.4.

Sky3DS+ now saves games with the .sav format and uses .3ds file extension. However none of the .savs from 3ds-savegames.com work because they're in GW format.

I have Super Mario 3D Land in both CIA and .3ds format.

Is there a way to import the .sav from 3ds-savegames to work in either CIA or Sky3DS+??

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