Hardware any reputable 3DS Repair services?


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Apr 5, 2009
United States
i had to clean out the otherday the contacts for the A B X Y buttons (A had to press hard for input X was dead) sounds like i fixed em but..

when putting it back together i accidently tore a Ribbon Cable the second one below ths one here in the Hinge

its not the short one but the one below the wide one. i get NO display on either Screen but i can hear Home Menu and hear it respond to bottom screen touch. now the affected one that's ripped i didn't remove or anything. just noticed as i placed the Motherboard back in that it had a severe rip.

i'm in the US, based in Michigan if this helps. and Yes from the bits o color you see in the shell it's the A Link Between worlds O3DS XL i'd prefeer to fix this one than replace/scrap for parts as it was the last gift i ever got from my late mother (got it w/ Pokemon X back in '14) yes it's been setup w/ B9S & Latest luma on the SD Card

i've contacted TechTronics Fix & RetroRepairs from Youtube and waiting on replies but im trying to find all usable options.
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