Any available references to make a save editor?

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    Oct 23, 2016
    Welp, this is embarrassing.

    So, I really want to make a save editor.
    I've bought a few books on the subject, I bought an online tutorial about coding in C# as well,
    but the more I attempt working on a save editor, even with other source codes from other, more completed
    save editors, I just... end up with more questions.

    Programming seems kinda like a thing you really have to know for a long period of time. If i get
    confused with an error on my program, then looking up the question only makes a weird, complicated
    explanation come out.
    Looking up tutorials aren't much help either. It kinda seems like the most references out there are for PS3
    save editors, and they're also written in VB, while the source codes I try to understand are all in C#...
    So what's the difference between the two when it comes to the end product? Will it affect the 3DS save file it has to open and read?

    It feels really stupid and selfish of me to ask, but I'd love to learn about save editing in detail.
    To me, datamining seems a lot easier than programming ( although patience can say differently...)
    I totally understand if I'm gonna be mocked for asking something like this. I'm trying to do something I
    have literally no knowledge of, and I'm trying to handle more than I can chew.
    If anyone can offer advice, or guides, or hell, paid tutoring, I'll take anything I can get.

    Thanks for reading this annoying wall of text.