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    Mar 4, 2006
    I'm so fed up with all this fake Memory stick business .......So sick and tired.
    It's my fault I guess, but I can't help blaming Sony for choosing a different format when they could have put an SD slot in their PSPs....

    Anyway, I got myself what I thought was a good deal.
    A SanDisk 8GB Ultra II Memory Stick PRO Duo off Amazon for a very reasonable price.
    First time I mount it, I get a corrupted data reading.
    I format it ( trough the PSP ) and I manage to read it.
    I check on the memory stick menu and it tells me MG supported. Good.
    I proceed to transfer some games, one at the time, and after 3 - 4 games I get an unreadable memory stick again.
    I reformat, transfer 4 -5 games all at once. The card has been working for a week or so but then......
    All of the sudden I start loosing SAVE files !
    Keep making them, but then , after unlocking SOTN on DraculaX, I loose everything again !
    I wanted to smash the PSP and everything in it all over the place, however, instead.....
    I returned the shitty Memory Stick to Amazon, and I checked for alternatives.
    Like original Sony memory sticks. All relatively more expensive then lexar and sandisks. Almost bought one but then I got wind that A LOT of the supposed Sony MS are merely fakes, and that it was nearly impossible to tell which store had wich.....Soooo.........

    I went to the official Sony store on Madison Avenue and ask them if they carried original Sony memory sticks....but before I finished the sentence I thought myself " Shit, of course they should, it's the official, original Sony store here ! "...
    So I asked a sales girl about an 8GB Memory stick pro duo. She ran upstairs ( in the basement there is a huge section with lots of PSPs and PS3s on display with lots of playing games , very very nice space ) and she came back with a question: "I've got here an 8GB for $44 , but also a 16GB for just a few bucks more (around $49 ) which one would you like ? ".
    I went for the 16GB of course, even though I've read somewhere that larger sticks could have some problems while loading games, but on the other hand I though an original Sony MS should perform reasonably well.

    I went home , put all of my games plus a couple of emulators on it and never looked back.
    I still have around 3GB free space , everything looks great and for the third time, I unlocked SOTN on Castlevania !

    The moral is, when it comes to pick up a memory stick , stick to the original product and get it in a good store if you can.
    It ain't worth saving a few bucks online.
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