Annoying ROM Image Help

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    Sep 12, 2009
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    I was Deleting video's today to free up space on my laptop and uninstalling programs like my iTunes and I think I might Have screwed up something because all My ROMS no longer look like NDS cartridges and my SAV files no longer look like Battery files they just look like Ordinary NOTE files here is a picture


    The games still work on my NO$GBA and SAV files also work but my Problem with this is that It's driving me crazy that all the files LOOK THE SAME!

    PLEASE I beg someone if they know how to fix this and make them look like the Original Image they had

    Thanks in advance

    I already tried Restarting my computer

    This is what they Should look like!
    and now they don't look like that and I can't stand it.

    Hi! This is my second Post on GBATEMP, sorry if this is not the correct thread to post this. I couldn't find the appropriate place to post this and if this is the wrong thread I am sorry and I would greatly appreciate the mod that would move this to the correct thread if this is not the correct thread Thank you
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    Right Click The Save/Game and Press Open With . . . What Ever you Opened it With Before. The Icons With Show Again.