Animal Crossing City Folk DS Suitcase

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    What is the point of this feature and how do you use it? In the guidebook it says you can transfer you guy and items from the ds version to the wii version but where do you go in the ds game to activate it?
  2. Melly

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    Mar 13, 2008
    Just make a new character on AC Wii and select import DS character. It will tell you everything you need to do.
  3. FlatFrogger

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    Apr 20, 2007
    You dont go anywhere in game. You turn your DS on with AC:WW in the slot and then go to the main DS menu and select download play. The game will download the moving van application to your DS and then it transfers your character and catalogue. No tools/money/items/etc. Just its appearance and name.

    If you have a flashcard it won't work, at all, for any of them.

    The suitcase is for visiting other towns, you download your character from the wii to your DS in a similar way and then when you get to a friends house you transfer it across to their wii to visit their town etc (I think).