All Time Current Gen British Console & Handheld Sales

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    DS: 8.8M (nearly double the amount at the start of 2008)
    Wii: 4.9M (again, nearly doubled)
    360: 3.2M (I thought it was more)
    PSP: 3.2M (wtf same as 360?)
    PS3: 1.9M (not even a million more than last year)

    I really find it hard to believe that the 360 has only sold 3.2 million.

  2. Law

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    With the amount of idiots who took out loans for the sole purpose of buying their children consoles, I'm surprised the PS3 hasn't done better.

    I also doubt that the data is perfectly accurate.
  3. Dack

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    Aug 26, 2007
    Actually Wii sales are 2.9m so thats more than doubled last years total (150% increase)

    X360 sales = 1.4m so a 77% increase in total ownership

    PS3 = 1m so a 111% increase but much easier to achieve as it's a lower initial number.

    If you also read and those figures I'd say PS3 is pretty much dead in the water.

    Accuracy confirmed by chart track if you read the link so should be correct for the UK.
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    This shows Nintendo clearly know what they are doing this time.

    They let the Gamecube die an undignified death, which was a shame as I thought it was a great little console, and N64 (which I wasn't so keen on) was also let down imho.

    They have achieved their success without the help (and possibly hinderance ? ) of the printed games press. If you were to buy a supposed multi format games magazine, you may not know the little white wierdo called Wii even existed.

    While the Wii has more than its fair share of crap games, they give the illusion that every game on the admittedly more powerful consoles are classics, when in reality for every fable 2 on 360 there is a Crazy Mouse, for every Little Big Planet on PS3 there is a Legendary.

    There endeth this meandering rant.