Adding custom AR codes on m3 simply

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    Hey guys,

    I am sure other people have asked this but I can't find an answer. I have an m3 simply (current FW). I can load cheats on my card using .xml files imported through r4cce and saved as .dat, but I cannot get my custom hex codes to show up with the "Cheat (Y)" option that lets you push Y to enable AR codes. It's like it doesn't register the games. I checked and my game ID codes are correct. I even tried putting them in the XML file first then importing them with the CCE, but they still don't show up. Like I said, codes I download and import work is only these custom codes that won't register. Finally, my database is small so it isn't that I am running out of room for codes.

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    Check out It literally has cheats for over 900 games. Also if you find cheats that aren't in the cheat database, post them in the cheat database topic here and as long as theya ren't WiFi codes, they will be added.

    At any rate, start off by using the R4CCE and entering the codes into that, make sure you have the correct Game ID and that you don't have duplicate games in the database file with the same Game ID. Afterwards, choose save as and save it as a usrcheat.dat file (Make sure encryption is disabled) and place that in the system folder of your card. Make sure you delete any cheat.dat or usecheat.dat in the system folder before you do so. Flashcards tend to experience problems if you simply copy and paste the cheat files over another cheat file.

    Also note, that if you use both a cheat.dat and usrcheat.dat you may also have problems with codes not showing up as well if the total size of both of the cheat files exceeds the limit the flashcard can handle. So its best to only one one or the other.