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    So I got this link from somewhere (I don't remember where) and found it pretty interesting. It took me like 10 minutes to figure out what kind of game it even is (I thought it was a survival horror game at first), and then threw me for a loop two or more times after that!

    It's pretty interesting in the phases it goes through, though too bad once you beat it it just starts over. I think I beat it too soon, so I'm playing again and trying to explore more of the map before winning. There's a walkthrough (spoilers) here for people that haven't figured out how to progress past a certain step (like finding the various mines).

    Interesting stuff I've learned...
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    It's an interesting game. So far, I wish it had far more surreal aspects, not necessarily in a kind of impossible manner, but the kind that displaces the player, unsettles them and their expectations, the kind of stuff that makes staring at the screen a qualified eerie experience.

    Especially elements like these:

    Just more in dangerous, looming aspect, rather than a direct threat. Seeing the vestiges of an abnormal reality just beyond the fringes.