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Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by GeekyGuy, Aug 6, 2009.

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    So, everyone thought The Conduit lagged a little in sales within its first couple of weeks of release, but 150k copies (the original number touted on the Web as the sales figure) was still respectable. Seems SEGA has now made an important clarification that changes things quite a bit. They say they "shipped" 150k copies of the game out to stores, etc. but that only 72k copies actually sold in the U.S. between the dates of June 23 and July 4.

    What does that say about the success of the game? Take from it what you like.

  2. Vidboy10

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    72,000 isn't that bad you know.
  3. Guild McCommunist

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    Its already got a decent fanbase and online going. And 72,000 for a hardcore game on the Wii ain't that bad. The Conduit's launch week sold more copies than the launch month for MadWorld, for comparison.

    Regardless, High Voltage will definately have a fanbase for future hardcore games, most notably The Grinder.
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    Well for such a hyped game that is kinda small but its a lot better than Bionic Commando's measily 27,000 across TWO formats. Bionic Commando did however manage to do 550,000 since. I compared that game as it seemed to have had the same amount of hype and reviews.

    To be honest most games aren't doing as well as they should this year, there are some exceptions though.

    Makes me wonder how badly better games like Little Kings Story have done.
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