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    I also have the video review on youtube!!

    The acekard 2i for Nintendo DSi and DS Lite is an affordable slot1 flash cart solution that allows you to launch games, run applications and play media directly from the device. Simply place your files onto either a micro SD or SDHC memory card , insert the micro SD into your acekard 2i, and then on your cart into your DSi, and turn the system on. If you're looking for a simple and affordable flash cart for the Nintendo DSi or DS Lite, than this is it!!
    Thanks again

    If you're looking for a straight forward, no nonsense flashcart, than this is IT.
    The official firmware is lacking, but with the AKAIO firmware, you get fast updates and 99% compatibility, and the convenient WIFI updating!
    Supports the DSi, and SDHC, I highly recommend this cart if you're just looking to play DS games as they should be played.
    You Don't need to be a mad Guniess to know how to use the acekard 2i it's very friendly card.

    The PRO'S: Of the Acekard 2i is that it is very affordable at $14.95 with Free shipping from:
    It is compatible with the Ds lite and Dsi which is a bonus. It is compatible with much more games and applications then the DSTT.
    99% compatible with games, launches games in a snap, no lag in gameplay or in wifi. It just does the the job at an affordable price at:
    It has a very good construction feel, and does not feel cheap, There is also a cheat application that works very well.
    And also plays Media like music and video which is even better!! [​IMG]
    And also the Firmware is always being upgraded to work in todays time, thanks to the AKAIO Team.

    The CONS: There are some known contact issues with the cartridge though, beware of that. It can be helped by sliding a thin bit of card between the cart and the DS slot though. But mine is still running well [​IMG]

    Overall: This is the BEST and budget friendly running at $14.95 with DSi compatible with FREE shipping!!!
    More games work on the acekard 2i compared to the DSTT!! Go to to get your acekard 2i
    I highly recommend this acekard 2i to any one that wants a straight forward card that does the job
    and then some. AND BUY IT NOW!!!!!!
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    Moved, and I embedded the video for you properly.
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    Review is too short for my liking.
    Feels like you rushed on it. The formatting needs some work, too,