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    Aug 27, 2007
    Acekard 2i language fix
    Language Fix
    Acekard has now released an update for Ak2i's with hardware ID 44 which fixes the known issue of not being able to use your Ak2i on a DSi set to any other language than English.

    Unlike the usual loader updates, this fix updates the actual cart firmware, so be careful when running (and ensure you have a charged up battery). The fix is simple to run though -- just copy the .nds file in the attached zip file to the root of your micro SD card, and then proceed to boot up your DS. The automatic update will then run.

    [​IMG] Warning: This update should only be used on Acekard 2i's that have a hardware ID of "44". You can check your HW ID by booting up your AK2i (WITHOUT this fix on your SD card!) and going to Start > Help. If your HW ID is anything but "44" do NOT apply this update as you will most likely brick your cart.

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