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Discussion in 'Acekard' started by skystealer, Jul 28, 2010.

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    Okay, I've been having ALOT of AK2i save issues and its getting VERY annoying now, that I may just think I'd go back to R4 because it worked flawlessly.

    I updated my AK to AKAIO 1.7.1, When I play games like Phantom Hourglass, or Chibi Robo, every time I reset the game, Phantom Hourglass would say "Data 1 is corrupted. Data 2 is corrupted" and it deleates it. When I play Chibi Robo, I play it, I save it, I reset to make sure it stayed, Guess what? Nope "Preparing game save, please wait" and my data is gone. Wtf?! But OTHER games like SoulSilver and Kirby, work just fine! I tried SD Formatter, and I constantly updated the loaders to see if it worked, changed the save sizes, nothing. Can anyone please help me before I say "**** you, to Acekard?" ​
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    I'm not exactly sure what to do because your installation sounds perfect to me. Let's break it down. We'll start debugging the MicroSD. Since you already tried the SD Formatter, try partitioning it as 1 partition using GParted LiveCD. Then do a fresh install of AKAIO and copy on a problematic game. Boot the game and save and boot again and report back.
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    SD card fail. And trust me, your R4 does not run flawlessly compared to Acekard 2i. Wii connectivity owns.
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    Sep 14, 2009
    Don't wanna off topic but.. if its a clone the above is true. However an original R4 with Wood is arguably just as good if you want to play games, some original R4 owners may see no benefits in switching to an AK. Its just a matter of taste.
    It was Y.W.G who got wii connectivity working in the first place in his WoodRPG firmware which was then modified to work on the R4. Why would it not run flawlessly compared to acekard 2i, theres little difference between them. I wouldn't trust you, I think you are bigging up the acekard too much. Hardware wise the ak2 and ak2i are often built like shit and unreliable, so no cart is perfect. There you go thats my take on the tired R4 bashing, thats my 2 pence.