About to try modding my Wii...

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    Ok these are the instructions I am going to follow....I have never attempted this before. My questions are

    1] Is there a better (easier) way to do this?
    2] Does it matter what version my Wii is etc?
    3] How would I go about changing the backup loader screen?

    The zip file I have seems to have everything I need inside the Put onto SD Card folder are the following folders+files..

    Any help or tips would be GREATLY appreciated!

    What you need :
    1. Nintendo Wii with wii controller and nunchuck.
    2. Legends of Zelda Original Game
    3. SD Memory Card (any size)
    4. Shop Channel update (part of the rar)
    5. Homebrew Installer (part of the rar)
    6. IMGBurn or Nero

    Everything that you need is contained in this Zip - put the whole lot onto an SD card and we can move on from there.
    Since this is a beta some games still wont work - check for compatibility on the thread.-

    Stage 1 : Install homebrew Channel
    1. Start up the Wii with legends of Zelda and save a game.
    2. Put the Homebrew installer onto an SD Card by unzipping it to the root
    3. Quit the game and go to Wii Menu - Wii OPtions - Data Management - Save Data - Wii and delete the Zelda Saved File.
    4. Click the SD card tab at the top and select the EUR file (for Europe) or US (for US) and when asked to copy to the wii system memory select Yes
    5. Go back to the zelda game and start it - and select the saved game Twilight Hack.
    6. Talk to the man by pressing A - and wait for an install screen
    7. Click Accept (1 button) to all of the menus
    8. Upon returning to the Wii menu , you will have Homebrew Installed (may need a hard reboot at this stage)

    Stage one complete !

    Info :
    The homebrew channel includes a few games like Tetris, Doom , Quake and a few more and has a Homebrew browser for anyone who wants more homebrew applications.
    I have also recently included the Wii MPLayer that lets you listen to streaming audio with your wii ... not classy looking but it works well. mplayerwii.conf is where you find the stations.

    Stage 2 : Install the rest
    1. Go to the Homebrew Channel and select safe update 3.3u - this will update the wii with the recent nintendo releases and save you headaches in the future (Thanks tona)
    2. In the homebrew channel select cIOS Installer and install that - all files required are also in the zip so it should be quick (Thanks WiiGator)
    3. Select number 6 - WAD manager and install the BackupLoaderChannel0.3.wad file (Thanks Tgames)
    4. Burn your ISO to disc (no need to patch them with this version) and get ready to play games.
    Stage 2 complete !
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    I would seperate the steps completely, so you understand a little from the stuff you do and you can figure out how to handle future developments on your own:
    1. Twilight hack to install the homebrew channel
    2. Running apps from the homebrew channel, just download any media player on your own and get it running
    3. Downgrade if you are at 3.3 or higher, there's a sticky thread about this here
    4. optional: Starfall for brick prevention (autoboot zelda for twilight hack, that's why you should always keep the hack savegame)
    5. Backup launchers
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    Jan 10, 2006
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    Ok thanks for the prompt response...

    So the cIOS installer is just the twilight hack?

    Few things I don't understand though....Install any media player? The .zip I have came with MPlayerWii but just anyone will work?

    Also how can I find out what version I am on so I know if I have to downgrade or not..

    I'll look into starfall cuz brick prevention is essential.

    By Backup Launchers do you mean actually backup the launchers or you mean learn about "Backup Launcher"'s lol sorry for the confusion

    Thanks again , I just wanna make sure I got everything down so I don't screw anything up although it all seems fairly easy always good to be 100%
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    Sep 21, 2008
    Thats also an older version - i have updated that since then - check my sig for the new zip
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    Jan 10, 2006
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    Ok cool thnx , so just following those instructions will it do the job and mod my wii enough to play backups?
  6. WiiPower

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    Oct 17, 2008
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    That's exactly the reason why should should seperate the steps. You should understand at least 10% of the stuff you are doing, and "So the cIOS installer is just the twilight hack?" is ~0% (that's wrong).

    1. Get HBC working
    2. Are able to get ANY homebrew software running, with the example of a media player
    3. downgrade if needed
    4. Starfall, not needed, but don't blame anybody if you brick your wii without having this done
    5. backup cIOS
    6. backup loader