A9LH and AuReiNand strange problem

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    Mar 7, 2016
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    Good evening,

    I'm having a problem with my A9LH / AuReiNand configuration. I'm using a SysNand updated CFW.

    Here's a video of my situation: http://sendvid.com/9cf781iu

    Sometimes it boots with the right configuration (all cias files installed and theme configured) but sometimes it can't read the sd card content.

    If can be helpful I deleted some HBs and some .cia files from the 3DS folder to clean a bit my SD Card. Precisely I deleted:

    - Downgrade_check
    - CHMM2
    - ftbrony
    - PlaiSysUpdater

    EDIT: Today I patched TWL_FIRM to fix my r4igold flashcard.

    UPDATE: Now it seems to boot properly, I booted like 20 times and everything is fine. I did not modify anything.
    That's strange. What could It be?

    Thank you guys.
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