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    I cannot find a search engine that will let me search for "xcf-files". Notice the hyphen? Yeah, well, I haven't found a search engine that does... They all search for "xcf" and "files" with a space or more characters between them... if I omit the terms xcf and files separately...
    Your search - "xcf-files" -xcf -files - did not match any documents.
    It's not just the hyphen, unfortunately, but it's most characters, including the period.

    This (among other assumptions google does) makes doing searches for technical info impossible.
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    Unfortunately - I think most search engines use the '-' for 'not include' & even in quotes it's 'ignored' & replaced with a space (or something like that)

    I have found out though that using only SINGLE quotes does give results on Google though, but that show results for 'xcffiles' - and there's only a few of them
    'xcf-file' -xcf -files