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    Hi everyone, I would just like to know if you as an iPhone yearly customer what is it that keeps you coming back to replace your last-gen iPhone for the newer iPhone?

    One could say that it's like the yearly $60 games but iPhones are in the hundreds if not thousands (i.e, getting through eBay) so not quite the same.

    I have just Googled for "iPhone 7" and it's going to be a thing so needless to say, that there will be the usual madness over who gets the newest iPhone and for how high will the bidding price be. Because for myself, I've tried iPhones in the past and had two (series 3GS and 5-something) but didn't like it very much due to the limitations and restrictions, plus that I couldn't use a micro SD card or the likes (and not to forget the basic UI look).

    Thanks for all the responses.
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