A question about ds anti piracy.

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    Darn, I can't come up with something edgy
    So I'm curious about Mario and Luigi Bowser's inside story anti piracy measures. Looking through old websites, people keep talking about how good it was for the time. So what was these measures? (and I know there is several so...)
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    I can't recall the specifics of this one.

    There are only a handful of types though

    As time went one a few devs obfuscated things a bit, stuck them in late game overlays (or simply not as the first thing the ROM does and blackscreens otherwise) and other fun things like that. I never saw mention of it being one of the really hard ones so I will speculate it was just one of the moves away from the simple to find and remove stuff.

    Option 2. Since we have people trying to get things to run without flash carts there are nice databases of fixes you can look at ( https://gbatemp.net/threads/backup-of-ds-scene-rom-tool-ap-database.472348/ ). Apply the patch, do a diff and see what the differences are; while a few patches are also there to solve bugs ( https://gbatemp.net/threads/which-flashcart-for-castlevania-por.343239/page-2#post-4559271 for a few of them) it should mostly just be for anti piracy.
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