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    1.) I Currently Have a R4-III w/up to date English firmware, Since the DS Naturaly Read GBA Carts, Will it read the Roms too?, or will i need a Emulator?

    2.) My friend got a DS for X-mas, and she asked me where i got my R4, So i give her the link and she has it sent to my house so i can set it up for her, I used the Same Roms and Same Updated Firmware, that i already had on my computer from my R4... it says on both that it has Action Replay Cheats, well mine comes up in Japanese, and hers comes up in english, why is that?... and how can i fix it, i have tryed reinstalling the firmware Several Times

    3.) Final Question, In your Opinion whats is the best to use for homebrews and roms, i know theres alot out there besides from the R4... like the m3 G6 super card Ect... or is it all just the same? [​IMG]
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