A Couple of Questions About Different Things

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    Jul 5, 2008
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    360 and PS3

    I dont want to start a flame war or anything but I want to know what some of the online features are for 360 and PS3.
    Like what the advantages are disadvanteges are for both consoles besides the fact that Xbox Live you have to pay.

    Guitar Hero World Tour
    Will there be any differences between the two vesions regarding features? (360 and PS3)

    Are the instruments console locked. For example: could I use the instruments from Wii on PS3 or vice versa.

    DS Homebrew
    I want to make my own Guitar Hero game (you can tell Im a GH fan) for DS, similar to VG Hero except with the fret board on the bottom
    and with sp, and different songs and rock meter.

    I am a complete begginer with no experience with DS homebrew creation.

    What tutorials and tips do you have for me to make this game with PALib and devkitPRO.

    I think thats it. Thanks in advance.

    Edit reason: Left out something.