"A Communication Error As Occurred" Splatoon 1 fix?

Discussion in 'Wii U - Games & Content' started by Overwrite_Pixel, May 5, 2018.

  1. Overwrite_Pixel

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    Mar 25, 2017
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    This is starting to tick me off. Just upgraded my internet and now Splatoon keeps kicking me from battles with either that communication error or "the connection has been lost" error. Out of ten battles, I'd said it'd happen about 5-6 times. Any fixes?

    Internet specs just in case anyone needs them
    Internet Provider: Xfinity
    Ping: 18ms (I don't remember what it was before upgrade)
    Download: 21.54mbps
    (before upgrade: 500-600kbps, 1mb if im lucky)
    Upload: 11.67mbps
    (Before upgrade: 200-300kbps, 400 if I'm lucky)
  2. internetdweller3

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    Feb 17, 2018
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    Try wired connection?

    THEELEMENTKH GBAtemp Advanced Maniac

    May 31, 2016
    Oof, that happened to me when the 2.0 update came out, and I couldn't finish any match whatsoever until last summer where we changed our router.
    Try to get a wired connection, but that might not solve anything, sorry for your "loss"
  4. Zhongtiao1

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    Feb 24, 2015
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    It's been happening to me too in the past few days, when before it was perfectly fine. Maybe it's something on Nintendo's end?
  5. Spadezilla

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    Dec 19, 2013
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    Google Double NAT, if you got a new modem it may have added a 2nd routing layer to your network.

    make sure UPnP is enabled on your router (not sure what ports Splatoon uses but you can manually forward them if UPnP is disabled)

    Check interference, there's apps you can download on your phone to see what Wifi channel your router should be set to. search something like wireless review or wifi settings in appstore/playstore