Gaming 4.2 UPDATE GUIDE ? or howto properly update soft modded wii


Feb 18, 2009
United States
UPDATE: 8:46 PM 11/30/2010
Updated priiloader hacks.ini and enabled regin free channels now Art of Balance works fine

UPDATE : 4:52 PM 11/28/2010
well still have issues with Art of Balance (2010) (WiiWare) and Grease but i updated to cios 14 and dont have to reboot to play new game. So thats good..
Art of Balance (2010) (WiiWare) I use free the wads and I get error like -4000 ret or something

UPDATE: 9:37 PM 11/27/2010
Still looking around but I did find this post ( dont do this just notes ) :;#entry2932730

* new grease game I download dies after white screen (this may be just a bad ripp etc but .. I don't care but I have modded several Wii's ( 6 ) using preloader and some bootmii )

* I want to update all the Wii's I have soft modded properly !
* i have googled etc and can't find a guide for just updating I don't want to just pick a point in a softmod guide and failsause brick the wii ..

Here is MY wii as an example:
* as stated some are bootmii and preloader (boot1 I can assume for preloader )

* updated HBC recently 1.0.8 ( HBC says I have CIOS61 v19.26)
* also downloaded the most recent and installed via NUSD (35,37,38 ) to get the wiiware sonic game to work
* preloader .29 says I can update to .30 but does not work stopps ad downloading changelog )

* preloader says I have IOS v60 and System menu v417
* in wad manager I can selectet these IOSs:
(default) 249

* hackmii .8 ( can only install as IOS because i have preloader in boot1 I can assume )

* other then specific game patches what all do I need to worry about being updated JUST all the latest IOS's ?
* how can I make all this happy and updated ... ?
* preloader ? or bootmii ? or dont fuck with it ?
* do they have a uber wiiware usb pack that will just run off SD yet and not have to install > move > delete ?
* what is this "emulate update" in NUSD or should I not mess with that ?

With the holidays coming up I am sure my family will have issues with some stupid game they buy... so I need to figure this all out so I can PROPERLY update a Wii ??

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