1. Tango3d

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    Feb 13, 2021
    Hi everyone, I'm new to all of this and I need your help with an issue.
    I have a 3TB hard disk I tried to use it in FAT32, NTFS, with several partitions and without them and neither WiiFlow nor USBLoaderGX work, both give an error.

    After many formatting and partitions I found that the only way they work well is in WBFS, so I converted everything to WBFS (I want to clarify that I am not interested in GC games or anything at all, only loading wii games in wbfs format), because of this I converted everything to WBFS but this format has the limitation of 500 disks so I had a lot of space left unused, because of this I made 4 partitions of 698.62 in WBFS format and with that I solved the problem of the 500 disks,

    Everything works perfectly now except that neither in USBLoaderGX nor in WiiFlow I can see the last partition, I tried everything, convert it to FAT32, NTFS and nothing, my partitions are K, L, M and N but I can't see N, when I check I see USB1, USB2, USB3 and nothing else, I don't see the last partition with the rest of the games, in USBLoaderGX, I have All Partitions selected and nothing, try a search and nothing, I'm lost, by then I tried everything, I formatted my disk many times and created and unmade many partitions in different formats and nothing ... I would appreciate any kind of help!
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    Nov 21, 2005
    United States
    Wii U and fat32 has a 2TB limit
  3. KeinesR

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    Feb 14, 2020
    If you want to use partitioned drive:

    -MiniTool Partition Wizard

    First plug in the hdd and open Minitool, inside the program delete all partitions and then right click on the disk and select convert to MBR, if it was in MBR leave it that way.

    Now, right click on the unassigned space and create a FAT32 partition with 32kb cluster size, and the desired space format it.

    Now create the other partition with ntfs format, i created it with 32kb cluster size and the rest of the available space or the desired space.

    Righ click on the fat32 partition and set to active.

    Done, now you can use a partitioned external hdd to play any emulators, wii or gamecube games.

    PS: The loading times on wii will be slower than usual, i mean, you open the HBC and take some time to show the apps and you can't use forwarders. Some apps like Wad Manager doesn't work too. I was able to perfectly play wii games with wiiflow, i even have wii games on the ntfs partition and gamecube, emulators, etc, on the fat32 partition, i can play perfectly with FCE Ultra GX, Genesis Plus GX, Not64, Snes9x GX and Visual Boy Advance GX emulators.

    If you follow this steps you can use wiiflow wich have the best interface.
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