3gp converter?

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    So i am looking for a software that would convert a 3gp video file , i have a lot 720/1080P HD videos but the problem is when i do convert it to 3gp it loses the quality. I use realplayer and there is a option that lets you make it HD but its not allowed on the free version , so is their any kinda free good software that would convert 3gp files so i can i view it on my phone?
    Thanks in advance
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    Your phone won't display HD.

    "HD" is not subjective. It does NOT just mean "higher quality".
    High-Definition (in relation to video) is a concrete term as defined by the US government.

    People often get confused because companies will slap an "HD" label on something that's not High-Definition. "HD" is an acronym, so companies can use the term "HD" all they want, as long as they don't actually call it "High Definition" or "HD graphics". For example, HD Radio... is "Hybrid-Digital Radio". [​IMG]

    However, people see the "HD" and think "High Definition" and continue to think it's a subjective term meaning it's better. And the companies don't correct people because it keeps the people buying anything with an "HD" label on it. Hell, I've seen them slap "HD" into the model number of a phone to get people to buy it. [​IMG]