3DS Update- "External FIRM is not for this console"

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    Hey guys- I have a a new 3dsXL and I paid for someone to hack it. The person who helped me said that I could update it as needed, since updates won't break the system unlike phones. So of course, after getting constant reminders to update, I went ahead and got the usual "Failed to apply 1 FIRM patches" message on startup. I did a search, and tried to put the new LUMA firm on the root folder of my SD card, and now I get the message "The external FIRM is not for this console."
    I tried searching for this error message but I haven't seen anything else about it. Since I wasn't the one who originally hacked the system, I'm not sure what process the person used, so I saw some posts about error messages because the system needs to be updated to bootstrap, so I tried the "update from A9LH to B9S" guide and still got the same error (although I think Im on B9S anyway. When I hold select and power up, the bottom screen says ' Booted from SD via B9S'). Could I please get some help?
    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: Nevermind guys, I just formatted the card and that seems to help.... It started up no problem. Figured it out!
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    I already did it for you, but for future reference:
    Click Message Tools, click Report, type in please delete.