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    Jun 24, 2012
    Hi all, my first time here so I'm sure you will let me know if this topic is posted in the wrong place

    I repair nintendo consoles as a way of raisng a bit of spare cash.
    I have recently picked up a faulty 3ds from ebay with a broken sd card socket and require a replacement part.

    the sd socket is a push push type but has custom (to nintendo) pinouts, I have figured out the pinouts and to prove the slot was faulty have temporarily place a non push push sd socket on the pcb to replace the oem part

    currently the sd card is now working but because the replacement part has a larger footprint than the nintendo oem part the sd card sticks too far out to allow the sd cover to close

    as a result I require an oem replacement sd board, does anyone know where to get one from at a reasonable price?