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    Apr 24, 2014

    Im noob and I dont want to brick my 3ds console. Thats why I need some advice with setting up wifi. I have never used wifi with my 3ds because I heard that n3ds console can update the official firmware by itself without informing/alerting. (I wonder if that is true, but just to be safe...) :unsure:

    Now I have working gateway 3ds with 4.5 firmware but I want to update it so that I can play roms with higher firmware.

    So, is it safe to set up wifi (for the first time ever) with gatewaymode? Or do I need to set up wifi without gateway mode?

    Thank you in advance! :lol:
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    Sep 23, 2013
    set wifi up in emunand, then go back to system nand and delete it from there as it gets saved to both, after thats done the wifi will be set up for emunand only

    ps it will always prompt before an update, but the nagging every time you turn the 3ds on can be a bit annoying :P

    Edit: read through the gateway tutorial as you need to set up emunand first, but back your SD up as it formats the SD when you first set it up
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