3DS Security experience.

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    Dec 17, 2015
    New project 3ds Security.

    So after hunting about for a 3DS XL i ended up getting a standard 3DS for a really good price due to the previous owner not being able to remember the pin or even the security question.

    I did of course do some research before i bought the item to see if some clever cracker managed to create a master keygen for the pin. There are key generators available but only for the firmware below v7, with the early firmware you are presented with an 8 digit code and the latest firmware its 10 digit.

    With anyone who has bought items on the world famous eBay knows that you are limited to time when it comes to a bargain and not only that asking questions is practically impossible in that time frame as someone usually snaps it up. Its an impulse gamble buy.

    So the 3DS got delivered in pretty clean condition, i find the majority of these devices being sent out are absolutely filthy ( i personally would feel embarrassed to send something out that has food /DNA all over it.) Ether way the anti-bacterial wipes are excellent for this sort of thing but just make sure its not soaking wet.

    On to the cracking of the parental lock, ok 4 pin digits are usually made up of birthdays or favourite numbers *memorable. For me trying to smash this number is not going to happen anytime soon, i did however try the most basic numbers


    Anyone who has failed the pin 3 times gets prompted with a security question in this case the question was " If you could go anywhere, where would you choose?" For me i thought of the obvious


    I then sat back and thought about this and for some reason i entered "heaven" this password was accepted and i was able to then remove the lock.

    This is pure pot luck to guess a place due to case sensitive passwords and errors. I would advise for anyone who is planning to buy a 3DS with a password lock to try and avoid regardless of the temptation, failing this i would have had to call the Nintendo hotline and probably spend a good few hours trying to sort out a master key.

    I really do hope there is someone working on a 10 key master generator for this very purpose.

    Until the next project... hopefully it wont be another AQUA BLUE 3DS ! ( I am starting to get sick of this colour #4)[​IMG]
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    Excellent ! I did post this article in mid December on g+ prior to this release :).

    That tool if it works should save a lot of headaches!