3DS Save File Region Conversion *SKY3DS+* - Is it possible?

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    Mar 16, 2016
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    Hello GBATEMP!

    I recently got my hands on a SKY3DS+, mainly for Hyrule Warriors Legends (which--as you all know-- has not been released yet). As I caught myself in high anticipation for it, the decision to try the JPN dump of said title arose. And, well, it worked...

    Albeit my happiness, there was/is a catch: I also want to buy the future DLC for it. As it can`t be done for titles out of region, it left me wondering if there was a way to convert Hyrule Warriors Legends JPN .sav file to an U one?

    I read about the possibility of doing so with here https://gbatemp.net/threads/tutoria...save-from-one-region-to-another-on-gw.381849/ but it requires a .cia file that will not work with SKY, obviously. Still, to play the game I installed NINJHAX on the 3DS, working perfectly. Will that do?

    I created a profile just for this reason -as no direct solution relating to a SKY3DS+ was found by me-, after quite a fair share of searching. The game releases next week, yes, buuuut..... hahaha

    Thank you all for the attention and support!