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    Hi there! I just joined this forum today after some Google searches, it seemed like this place would be helpful for my problem, though the first forum I tried was pretty dead. I apologize if this is in the wrong section (other thought was the Flashcards and Custom Firmware forum referred to in the pinned topic), but I hope it's right.

    Anyway, I have a copy of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate as well as Datel's Powersaves for 3DS. I've had no issues with using it regularly for my game's save file #1, but whenever I try codes for the save file #2, sometimes they won't work, while others will, and it's very strange. Is there any way to go about getting these to function? I've no idea why it's not functioning for the second save file like it is the first.

    More specific details for those that have the game: Money codes, Item Box codes, and Weapon/Equipment Box codes work, but some of the Item Pouch codes don't, which is really important if I want to get to getting Beshackled Armor and the points required to polish/upgrade them. Again, I have none of these problems when working with the first save file.

    I'm not a super-techie, so I don't know what's going on or if it's something faulty with Datel's system itself, but it would be really helpful to save time from endless grinding if I could figure out the problem. :(

    My other problem is, after poking around in here, it seems the methods of hacking are much more in-depth, and I'd have no way of doing so if you had recommendations for what I'm trying to do (save file editing by injecting items into the pouch) using other methods, so how do I check my 3DS's requirements? I did buy it long ago, so there's hope at least.

    Some pictures of a step-by-step walkthrough:

    Picture 1: Default state of save file 2 before using PowerSaves

    Picture 2: PowerSaves option selected

    Picture 3: Confirmation of cartridge update

    Picture 4: Nothing changed in save file 2

    Picture 5: Instead of Beshackled Armor x198 in save file 2, overwrote Beshackled armor x50 in save file 1
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