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  1. NekoMichi

    OP NekoMichi Retro Collector

    Jun 4, 2015
    I was looking up information about the proprietary software installed on 3DS dev units and noticed that there's relatively little mention of them on the Internet (save for a few excellent articles on 3Dbrew and our very own GBAtemp). Uploaded images often tend to be taken down or lead to dead links while YouTube videos are pretty much nonexistent except for one or two vague clips of dev units, some of which have been set to private (videos teaching how to achieve yar-har fiddle-dee-dee using some of the internal softwares don't count). This is in stark contrast to information about older dev units like the GameCube which is somewhat easier to find.

    So I'm wondering, is the lack of documentation simply due to the 3DS being relatively recent, or has Nintendo been going around with takedown notices?
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