33 Resi4 titles listed?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Slimmmmmm, Nov 7, 2008.

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    Nov 1, 2007
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    The drive in my wii died, so before taking it to get a new drive fitted I backed up saves and had a tidy.

    After backing up the saves etc, I ran title lister, and well was a bit lost.

    Title=10000-52423450 (savedata for 'RB4P')
    was listed 33 times anyone know why?

    Also 11 of the same...
    Title=10000-52424d50 (savedata for 'RBMP')
    Bust-A-Move Bash

    any ideas?

    I think it's only those 2 so far that I see multiple entries for.

    Another thing I noticed, at the end of the list it should have had something like this:

    Title=1-1f (IOS31) vers: 4.16 (1040)
    Title=1-1e (IOS30) vers: 4.16 (1040)
    Title=1-1c (IOS28) vers: 5.8 (1288)
    Title=1-16 (IOS22) vers: 3.4 (772)
    Title=1-15 (IOS21) vers: 2.2 (514)
    Title=1-11 (IOS17) vers: 2.0 (512)
    Title=1-14 (IOS20) vers: 0.12 (12)
    Title=1-d (IOS13) vers: 0.10 (10)
    Title=1-c (IOS12) vers: 0.6 (6)
    Title=1-b (IOS11) vers: 0.10 (10)
    Title=1-f (IOS15) vers: 1.1 (257)
    Title=1-101 (MIOS) vers: 0.5 (5)
    Title=1-100 (BC) vers: 0.2 (2)
    Title=1-2 (System Menu) vers: 1.2 (258) FW: IOS30
    Title=1-9 (IOS9) vers: 2.4 (516)
    Title=1-4 (IOS4) vers: 0.3 (3)

    but it didn't, the game saves were the last things listed. Not one listeing of IOS, MIOS etc

    Pal 3.2E
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