(3)DS Save dumping through Homebrew?

Discussion in '3DS - Homebrew Development and Emulators' started by RiderLeangle, Aug 20, 2015.

  1. RiderLeangle

    RiderLeangle GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Apr 29, 2009
    United States
    Sorry if this is a stupid question but is it possible to dump save files from cartridges through Ironhax? Particularly dumping from DS cartridges, not sure if this is possible or if there's anything already out there I couldn't find but can't hurt to ask
  2. Nintendo Fanboy

    Nintendo Fanboy GBAtemp Maniac

    Mar 6, 2015
    United States
    In Los Santos, GTA: San Andreas.
    Well, yeah, but not yet... I think you can already dump 3DS Pokemon saves, so, ds saves don't look far into the future!!
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