3.55 OFW - What do I do now..

Discussion in 'PS3 - Hacking & Homebrew' started by ofcboyz, Jul 12, 2015.

  1. ofcboyz

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    Jul 12, 2015
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    Hey guys, I snagged a launch CECHA model due to some ridiculous circumstances and am now working on putting CFW on it.

    I have tons of console hacking experience but good lord PS3 hacking information is scattered all over the place and there is so much stuff that's extremely out of date but pulls the most hits..

    Anyway I have a 3.55 OFW freshly updated phat. I'm guessing I'm gonna put whatever that Cobra Starbucks cfw is, but the main site is dead and all the links I find are dead..

    Also what on earth is QA toggle. wtf is QA.

    All I want is a stable cfw that I can run homebrew on, I'm not going to do anything insane with this system..
  2. Nathan Drake

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    Jan 2, 2011
    This PS3hax tutorial should cover your bases. It looks like they have a link out to the various CFW to explain them, and the main site hosts all the latest CFW that releases. I know literally nothing about PS3 hacking, and even that makes sense to me, so I think you should be okay too. They have various other tutorials with the latest relevant info to help you with stuff like homebrew, backup loaders, etc., whatever your heart desires.
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  3. CheeseCake

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    Get REBUG, most stable CFW.
    Toggle QA is homebrew that lowers the chances of bricks when updating (it's more for the less stable ones). It's a requirement for downgraded consoles because the firmware doesn't match the internal system IDs and shit.

    Also look at my signature, made the info thread last summer but it still applies (Not alot has changed over the past year other than new homebrew/tools)

    Edit: Toggle QA is optional but nevertheless recommended because it's better to be prepared than not. REBUG CFW comes with it automatically because they're the devs who made it.

    Edit 2: Latest REBUG is 4.65.2 I think It's 4.70.1 now, I should update too

    Get REX edition, D-REX is more developer consoles
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  4. Daniel41550

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    Jul 21, 2015
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    1. Do what the other people said and install rebug 4.70

    2. Download file and backup manager - Multiman

    3. Download Antiban Tools - PSNPatch and PSNinja

    4. Download Other Tools - Spoof for 4.75

    5. Make a NextGenUpdate account

    6. Download hacks for Grand Theft Auto V and Black Ops 2 (http://www.nextgenupdate.com/forums...-ver-57-updated-1-25-updated-all-scripts.html and http://www.nextgenupdate.com/forums...nu-bossam-v3-super-stable-new-v3-release.html) also make sure to get an antiban on Black Ops 2 for either zombies or multiplayer

    7. Download and install CCAPI on both your PS3 and PC (http://www.nextgenupdate.com/forums...ntrolconsoleapi-2-60-rev5-ccapi-4-75-a-6.html)

    8. Download and install Black Ops 2 - GSC Studio (Might appear as a virus (http://www.nextgenupdate.com/forums...ls/766603-release-black-ops-2-gsc-studio.html))

    9. Setup CCAPI connections

    10. Open Multiman

    11. Press Select and Start to go to file manager mode or go to left and press File Manager

    12. Move Update.rpf and Eboot.bin for your region to your Grand Theft Auto V Directory dev_hdd0/game/

    13. Close Multiman

    14. Open the Spoof and spoof to 4.75, make sure your PS3 will not be powered off, if you think it will be, do some research on how to fix a bricked ps3 because you're going to need to know how.

    15. Optional: Open SENEnabler (GT Academy), press R1 and change to OFW mode if you want.

    16. Optional: Go into PSNPatch and press triangle to Disable CFW Syscalls

    17. IMPORTANT: Go into PSNinja and Press X on these 3 things only: Wipe History, Replace History, Make History Read Only

    18. Connect to PSN

    Everything after step 19 is optional

    19. Disconnect from PSN

    20. Back up Grand Theft Auto by putting it in the PS3 and pressing Triangle in the games list and pressing X on copy

    21. If the game backs up and says do you want to delete something and you're sure your game is clean and you backed it up properly, press no

    22. If the game icon and preview is grayscale, go into dev_hdd0/GAMES and find Grand Theft Auto and delete the _ at the beginning

    23. Convert the game using this guide (http://www.nextgenupdate.com/forums/gta-5-mods/726780-tutorial-how-convert-gta-v-blus-bles.html)

    24. To run the game and go online without being banned, Do this-

    24-a.Mount game with multiman (Just press X on it)

    24-b.Run PSNPatch and press Triangle (If it says CFW Syscalls are disabled restart PS3 and go back to step 24)

    24-c.Run PSNinja and do: Wipe History, Replace History, Make history read only

    25. Start a modding service with tools you can find here (http://www.nextgenupdate.com/forums/gta-5-mod-tools/)

    26. Get rich from modding service

    27. Buy broken console and try to get Console IDs

    28. Start selling console ids

    29. Become more rich

    30. Feel accomplished
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