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    1. And most important: Will the L and R buttons work? I swear, both my lite and DSi have broken L and R buttons and it pisses me off when I see a zombie and my L button won't shoot.

    2. The "dock" like charging, will it have a cord too? For chargeable play at the same time?

    Something I hope they have: ability to text chat with friends when they log on no matter where you are (like in a game or the menu or whatever) [the notification light turns orange when a friend logs on.
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    1. No one knows. I would think Nintendo would try to fix it, but no one knows.

    2. It uses the same charger as the DSi (Pretty much confirmed), but I think it works like a Blackberry charger. It's a normal charger that plugs into the stand, and then you put your 3DS on the stand. So you can take the stand out, and plug it directly in.
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    1.Most likely, they fixed it on the XL and I hope this fix is consistent.
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    That's odd. The L/R button problem was present on the DS lite as well, but they didn't fix it for the DSi?
    Still, I'd say it's highly unlikely that problem will be on the 3DS, especially since the DSi XL fixed it already. But keep in mind there will likely be other problems that might pop up a few months after release.
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    i sent Nintendo customer services a letter a week ago and got a reply day before yesterday. I was asking about shoulder buttons (as i'm sending my dsi in for the 3rd time to get them fixed) and they said they arent aware of any shoulder button problem and its just my dsi!
    This is a lie because i am on my SECOND dai and the shoulder buttons broke on bothe, this one happened twice and my drummer has a black dsi and his shoulder buttons keep breaking too.
    I dont think they will have fixed it as they seem to deny it being a problem.. I will still buy a 3ds but i hope i have no more trouble.

    The cradle uses the charge cable, might as well chuck the cradle, just a useless lump of plastic like the wii stand.