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Discussion in 'Acekard' started by jamesredfern, Jan 15, 2009.

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    Jan 15, 2009
    Hi All

    Just bought a Acekard 2.1 after my DSTT started to get a bit ropey and not being recognised by my DSL no matter how much i blew in the slot cleaned the contacts or twisted the card.

    I have two questions, I have tried to search to find the answer to the first one, but cant find the link.

    1. Can some one please post the link to the site which contains firmwares for nearly evry flashcard available. I've seen it on here a number of times but cant find it via search.....suppose i should have added as a favourite when I first ffoud it !! [​IMG]

    2. Can the DSTT loader be used as an external loader with AKAIO? If so do i need all the files/folders associated with the firmware.

    Thanks in advance
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    1 - just remember linfox, from there it's a quick google
    2 - why would you want to? no, unless yasu's menu can work which you'd run like any other homebrew (but it still would use AK's base not TT's.)

    AIO's external loader support is for using the ROM loader of other/official AK2 releases, AK firmwares are split into two separate binaries - the menu and the loader, once you select something in the menu it passes that info somewhere and the loading is handed off to the loader; in AIO's case with ak2 it can pull the loader portion out of the official releases instead of using the internal one.
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    Dec 11, 2008
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    Is your DSTT a fake by any chance? Card not being booting (except once is multiple attempts) is one of the classic symptoms of a fake damaged by the fake killer code in official firmware release 1.16 and 1.17. Try doing a recovery on it using the files in the download sections of this site. To answer your questions:

    1. You don't have to search for them. Go click on the "Downloads" button at the top of this page, then take a look at "Clients, Loaders, and Firmware" subsection. I am not sure that every flashcart is there, but I know every one that matters is up there. The ones not listed by name (like your DSTT and AceKard) are under the "Other flashcarts and adapters" listing. Sort the listing by date in descending order to find the latest versions.

    2. DSTT loader will not work on anything other than DSTT. It does function on an R4 as a newer loader than the last official loader, but that requires some breaking down and repackaging (done by YSAuto, also available here for an R4). But going back to the piece of junk DSTT loader after seeing the work put into AKAIO or AK2 Official firmware is crazy talk.