18 Years Since 9/11

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    it wasn't bin laden (who died in 2002) and it wasn't muslims
    i won't say who it was , but if you ask this guy i bet he knows

    Warning: Spoilers inside!
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    That's the problem with Muslim sympathizers; they don't see the real issue. Unfortunately, most people have been taught that Muslims are nice and friendly, while it's quite the opposite. Sure, you've got your Muslims-in-name-only here in the U.S., who claim to be Muslim but don't actually practice the faith. A true Muslim considers everyone who are not Muslim infidels who must be put to death. They are a very dangerous group who's focus is not on this life, but a perverted form of the afterlife. That's why they can ram planes into buildings and be called kamikaze heroes by those in the Arab countries; because they have managed to attack the "Big Satan".

    Why are we, the U.S. the "Big Satan"? We were founded on Christian principles, for one. Christians are considered infidels, because they do not follow Mohamed. Also, women here wear everything under the sun or nothing at all, and there's all this talk about feminism and "woman power" over here - Muslim women are always at fault, they must be covered head to toe to not look tempting (thus increasing the Muslim homosexuality rate), and they have absolutely no real say on the matter.

    We're talking about those who are die-hard Muslims, those who have read the Koran from cover to cover. Osama Bin Laden was an example of a die-hard Muslim; he praised the terrorists who attacked the Twin Towers. He was such a threat because he wanted to destroy the U.S. He wants us dead. So, yeah, letting Muslims into our country is a BIG mistake on Obama's part. Bin Laden's plans did fail, but that doesn't mean there aren't others like him who want to destroy the U.S. just as much, or worse. If you think there aren't, you've been spoon-fed the bull from the mainstream media!

    Lastly, the U.S. is not the land of the free anymore. Just look at all these documents we have to fill out thanks to Homeland Security! I researched how to get a driver's license in my state - they want proof of who you are, proof of payment, the address of where you live as well as a P.O. box, and proof that you own a car that is properly registered. Not only that, they make copies of documents that they claim is "for your well being". The problem with today's society is that we are giving away too many of our freedoms, our privacy, to allow our government to protect us. Benjamin Franklin once said that if you give away your freedoms to obtain some temporary security, you deserve neither. Well, our security is never permanent; we have to get a new driver's license, for example. Therefore, with all this information that people are just shelling out, it not only means that the sectors in government that require all this information don't trust anyone, we can't trust our government, either!

    Now, I'm not calling for anarchy. I believe there are some good people in government, like those in the Trump administration. However, how much do you think you're safe? Plenty safe? Think again - your information is being shared, and some of it is even visible on the internet! Some states where you register put it out there for anyone to see, for free! Don't believe me? I dare you to do a search. What you find may shock you. There are actually sites that collect personal information about people, and most of it is scarily accurate.

    So, maybe I'm a conspiracy theorist. Whatever. This is what I believe. I know someone's gonna try to prove me wrong. Haters gonna hate.
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    There is an argument that the first world war is still being fought.

    911 was terrible, I don't condone it.

    However you were at war with the middle east before then, the US had to stir up a hornets nest.

    True muslims are peaceful. I know several very well who practice their faith and have met other practicing muslims on occasion that are lovely.

    Like all groups of people there are those who believe they should fight those they believe are persecuting them and also people who benefit from the fighting & make sure it still happens.

    That isn't anything to do with islam, that is just people. Being angry at them won't help you.
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