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    May 11, 2009
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    Dear all,

    We recently became a long-term partner on ShopTemp and have personally entered into an agreement with Costello to remain ShopTemp's preferred supplier for the U.S. for quite a while. The long story short is that we believe it's possible to have good customer service over the internet (something few people get consistently these days), where we offer the following:

    • Prompt and clear customer service (replies usually within 24 hours)
    • Individually tested cards before shipping, with next-day U.S. based dispatch and fully tracable packages
    • Official cards only; exactly zero fakes and imitations

    It is simple business sense that the best way to prove this makes us better is to show the community we are - so we're inviting you to try us out if you or friends require a flash card at any point in the future. Below is a 15% off voucher that you can use on any sized order from NDS-Gear, valid until the end of August.

    Voucher Code: gba15 (enter at checkout)

    We ask nothing in return - although we'd highly appreciate feedback from our customers (via the forum or e-mail) which is always read. We'd also love to receive your reviews on ShopTemp as well, if you find we're as good as we say we are!

    That's it, really - don't want to waffle on too much. Thanks for reading, and happy DSing! [​IMG]

    The NDS-Gear Team
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    Oct 24, 2002
    thanks, that's a really nice discount and it's just for 'Tempers!
    you should post a news article on Shoptemp.net saying that there's a discount that can be found on GBAtemp...
    it would get shoptemp-only visitors to visit GBAtemp [​IMG]