11.2 update on Game cart?

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    Just wondering if anyone knows of a game cart that came with an 11.2 update as this would help get my friends console on to a firmware I have used before when installing a9lh.

    Also as a side note I have gone to a lot of effort in the past when region changing amongst other things, backing up & downgrading my system and am wondering if Nintendo do some kind of back up on your system/SD card when updating your console thus eliminating the need to use ctr transfers and alike. If we could figure out a way to access the Nintendo back up and reinstate it... just a thought. Really hoping for answer to the game cart 11.2 question
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    But you can install a9lh from any firmware 11.2 and below. I wouldn't bother buying a game cart unless you're on less than 9.0 with no browser (so you'd either need a DS flashcart or have to update anyway).

    I don't really understand your second question, but you can downgrade with sysupdater and the actual firmware files. But this is a lot less safe than CTR transfer and not recommended, unless for some reason you need to get to a different firmware than 2.1 or 9.2 or the latest and know what you are doing. It has the same requirements as running Decrypt9. There won't be a time you could run sysupdater but not Decrypt9.
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    I think what he means to ask is that when Nintendo updates your system via system update, does it also create a backup of the previous system version and if that could be accessed somehow and used to downgrade (via hardmod I presume .. why would you want to downgrade other than if you're on 11.3?)

    Well the answer is obviously no, they don't create a backup. It'd be pretty obvious if 1GB+ suddenly disappeared from your SD card.
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