Review: ZeroLemon 10,000mAh Switch Charger Case (Hardware)

Reviewed by Jessie Ljunggren, posted Oct 9, 2018, last updated Oct 9, 2018
Oct 9, 2018
ZeroLemon expands their mobile device accessory list with a 10,000mAh rechargeable case for the Nintendo Switch.
Jessie Ljunggren



Sugar-Free Lemonade



ZeroLemon's new 10,000mAh rechargeable case is touted to add 10 hours on top of standard play time and, when paired with the Switch's built-in 4310mAh battery, you can expect just that. The casing is a super durable plastic with a slightly textured finish. The top of the case extends out so you can slip your Switch inside, which connects at the base to the USB-C port that provides the power. All of the speakers, ports, and ventilation for the Switch have been accounted for and have gaps and spaces in the appropriate places in the casing to allow for airflow and accessories to be connected.

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One of the best features of the case is the fact that it accepts both USB-C and Micro USB connectors (@ 5v/1.5A) on the side of the case-- Which means that if you have the option to, you can plug it in while keeping it in table-top mode and eliminating the pesky design flaw built in by Nintendo. Their manual recommends only using the official Nintendo adapter for the USB-C port since it carries additional voltage protection, but the only restriction on the Micro USB port is the 1.5 amp limit. This seems like a very attractive feature for someone who regularly forgets to grab their USB-C charger before heading out, since almost everyone has several extra Micro USB cables and chargers laying around. In the event of a power fluctuation from shoddy adapters, the case also has built in charge protection circuitry that is supposed to shut down all functions of the case until the offending devices can be removed. After initial testing, I fully charged the battery and used it to about half (2 lights) and let it sit for a week without powering it on. When I came back to it, it still seemed to have about half of it's power left and was able to fully charge my Switch with some extra leftover at the end.

The kickstand is leagues above the built in kickstand and clicks firmly into its three different positions that nicely accommodates different table heights. The game card slot on the back seems like more of an afterthought, as the cards have to slot in sideways then you must tilt the case so gravity carries it further sideways into the chamber. This means to get them out you'll need to tilt and shake the whole thing until they pop out which, admittedly, wasn't that big of a deal... but still awkward.

Now here's the kicker: This thing is completely useless in hand-held mode. The case clocks in at 13.1 ounces which, compared to the Switch (by itself) at 10.48 ounces, adds a considerable heft to things. The sheer bulk of the housing needed to fit the huge battery also blocks your hands from properly holding the console. Since it reaches to the edges of the unit, just shy of the Joycons, there is no room to wrap your hands around the controls and makes for very awkward gameplay. While this may be OK for children with smaller hands, the extra weight will keep them from being able to hold it up for long periods of time.

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The major issue here is that this is a product solely for gamers that travel without a reliable source for power outlets and that play primarily in table-top mode. If you don't fall into that very specific category, a generic portable battery is going to work better for you in almost every situation. Placing the console in the case isn't exactly hard, but it becomes a chore to swap between it and the dock if you use it at home regularly. While you could bring it with you and pop it in just to recharge it then remove it again to play, it again begs the question of why you would want to buy it in the first place instead of a generic 10,000mAh brick that can be used with any USB device and would be much smaller. If you're only going to be playing in handheld mode anyway, blocking the bottom port won't be an issue for you. Since ZeroLemon doesn't offer a smaller design with subsequent smaller battery inside that would work well in hand-held mode, I'm not sure this particular product will find much traction in the market, no matter how solidly built it is.


Product Info

  • Adds 10+ hours playtime to your Nintendo Switch with the built-in 10000mAh rechargeable battery.
  • Deploy at different angles with the kickstand in 3 different adjustable angles.
  • The card slot allows you to store 3 extra game cards in the battery case.
  • Intelligent battery management system ensures charging with entire safety and 4 LED Lights indicates battery levels.

Capacity: 10000mAh
Input: 5V/1.5A MAX(Micro USB and Type C)
Output: 5V/1.8A
Product Weight: 13.1 Ounces
Product Dimensions: 6.29 x 4.64 x 1.41 in

Package Contents:
1 x 10000mAh Battery Case
1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
1x ZeroLemon Warranty Card
1 x Instruction Manual

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+ Huge Battery
+ Micro and C Type Ports
+ Solid Construction
- Only Good for Table-Top Play
out of 10
A fine product in its own right; you will get a crazy amount of extra play-time, and the durable case and adjustable kickstand work great. Unfortunately, the case is way too heavy and bulky making it completely useless for anything but table-top play.


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