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Reviewed by Dr.Hacknik, posted Apr 12, 2017, last updated Apr 12, 2017
I decided to start reviewing older and Present Sonic Games that I have in my Library of games. So, let's dig in shall we. First off, Sonic Colors (in my opinion) is a great game. Although, I have heard of some negativity about the game. But, the community has given it a rather good opinion. I can say the same. The game was developed by our good friends over at SEGA, Sonic Team. This team would later work on Generations, as well as the new title dubbed "Sonic Forces." But, those can be discussed at another time. The game is also, a new style that Sonic will inherit in future games, which isn't bad in any way.
Apr 12, 2017
  • Release Date (NA): November 16, 2010
  • Release Date (EU): November 12, 2010
  • Release Date (JP): April 18, 2017
  • Publisher: SEGA
  • Developer: Sonic Team
  • Genres: platform
  • ESRB Rating: Everyone
  • PEGI Rating: Seven years and older
  • Single player
    Local Multiplayer
    Online Multiplayer
A 3D and 2D, fast paced, adrenaline inducing, sarcastic and humorous, Sonic the Hedgehog game.

Let us talk about the plot a bit.

The game starts out with Sonic and Tails riding an 'space elevator' up to a park dubbed "Eggman's Interstellar Amusement Park." Which is where the two heroes will be spending their time throughout the game's plot. Of course, they are curious as to why it is here, and what strikes me is that there's literally nobody else there. They of course need to find out what Eggman is up to, and the plot goes from there. In terms of the presentation thus far, I'd give it a pass.

They then discover the Wisp "Yacker." Sonic also find new wisps, such as the Cyan Wisp; which he absorbs and uses (without him controlling it) and takes out some EggBots. Tails also attempts throughout the plot to try and translate "Yackers" language. Of course, much like all Digital Translators; it ends up being inaccurate, but not to hard to figure out. The heroes and Yacker, travel among the planets; and discover that Yackers kind has been.... dun dun dun, enslaved by Eggman. But they're not sure as to why this is. Although, they do know how to free them. By destroying the Chains holding the Planets together and to the main park. In order to destroy them, Sonic has to defeat a Boss. These bosses range from easy to hard. Upon discovering this, their journey continues. Although, in order to NOT spoil anything major, I won't continue with the plot. But, that's the basis. In other words; the main idea of the plot is to free the wisps' planets, and defeat good old Eggman; but it seems he's working on a little something in the background.

Initial Gameplay.

As soon as the first cut-scene is over, your thrown into the first level. Which is of course "Act 1." The game goes easy on you, showing you how to progress through the level. Such as "homing attacks, air dash, and a few other things." The game also introduces the "Wisp." Or in this case, a boost wisp. Boost wisp allow the player to gain Energy in order to boost. As seen with Rings, and such in past games.

In terms of the graphics (Especially when we're talking Wii Graphics) I'd give a good/very good rating. The textures and models, as well as lighting is all vibrant, colorful and pleasing to the eye. I have no problem with the graphics, and I think they look great for the Wii in general. A great example of the game looking it's finest is during the world "Planet wisp." This world is quite full of props, models, etc. To be honest, it is by far the most intensive and good looking level(s) in the game.

Example of the first act:



Now lets talk about the games performance.

The game performs well, I haven't had any frame-drops nor any glitches. The games engine performs very well, and functions well. The animations are smooth, and are pleasing to the eye. This also means the models, and desing of the levels.
One thing that jumps out to me, would be the amount effects; I never knew that the Wii could ever be capable of things like Anisotropic Filtering, or even motion blur. Meaning that this game really is using every last drop of GPU and CPU power.

Here is an example:


Also, before I stray away from the graphics part of the game; the game has some wonderful effects, such as Motion Blur, and some really good real time shadows, for the Wii of course.


Now, let's talk a little about gameplay.

The games formula is quite similar to that of previous games. Such as "Sonic Rush, Sonic Unleashed, as well as Black Knight." The boost formula is similar to that of Rush, but with some aspects from Unleashed. There is also a trick system, from Rush. You get your Energy for boosting by collecting wisps, or boost wisps in this case. You can grab these wisps by defeating enemies, and collecting containers. The boost is fair in terms of how well it can be controlled. In games like Unleashed; when boosting, the controls can be rather stiff. Although, in this game is is a bit more loose, but not by much. This is where the "Drifting" ability comes in. By drifting, you get around tight corners. These can be thrown at you from nowhere, and are usually not expected; unless you remember the layout of the level. Another useful thing, is the stomp; which can be used to well, stomp. This ability is useful when platforming, and can prevent you from going over a platform. Another useful thing would be the Air Boost, which allows Sonic to either use Boost energy to glide a short distance, or not use any energy (If you have none). Although, some of that is all part of one section; there is another part of the game, the Platforming section. These sections are taken slowly, and can get frustrating at times. But, they're usually not too hard. These sections are usually accompanied by other wisps; not boost wisps. Some of these wisps allow things such as, Turning into a spick ball to move across walls, and other sections. Some are used for turning Sonic into a sort of Rocket; allowing him to propel himself to higher areas, so that you can proceed. Another (more used) wisp, is the Laser Wisp (also referred as the Cyan Wisp; hence it's color). This wisp allows you to shoot in a certain direction at a fast pace, although it can't be controlled, only aimed. There are also small poles, if you hit one of them directly, they can transport you from one area to another quickly. Although, if you don't aim correctly, you might end up falling to your death, or stuck. So be careful where you aim. Although, all the wisps only last for so long before they expire, meaning you have to be quick with your actions, or you'll be stuck waiting for another to spawn.

Also, if you complete the entire game and gather all the Red Rings (For Replay purposes), and playing through all the Sonic Simulator levels, you then you will unlock "Super Sonic." You can probably guess what that form is, but it adds some more replay value to the game; and makes it more entertaining. More OP to be exact.

Example of (one) wisp:

This wisp is known as Yacker in the games plot. He accompanies Sonic and Tails during their journey.
Although, he is a Boost Wisp. So, there's no difference between the two, besides him being your companion. Much
like Chip from Unleashed. Although, he doesn't particularity give any form of tips; rather he's more of a necessity to the plots progression.

Due to there not being any good images of the wisps, I am not able to post any here. So, you'll have to take my word for it.

Some other useful wisps that open up some good opportunities, are wisps such as the "Drill Wisp, Rocket Wisp, Dark Wisp (Wii Only), as well as the Green Wisp, and the Cube Wisp." The Drill wisp is self explanatory; it allows the player to drill through a certain surface. These surfaces are usually some form of dirt, and there are always some sort of obstacles and enemies in the ground to damage or prevent you from proceeding. This also means you're in danger of dieing, if you run out of time; you will lose the wisp form, unless you gather another wisp. Gathering another wisp will reset the abilities limit to the very start, until you gather another; meaning you could basically hold a wisp form for a long time, until there's no more wisps. Another useful wisp in the Orange Rocket wisp; which was explained briefly above. Another one would be the Dark Wisp, which is limited to the Wii Version, and not the DS Version. This wisp allows you to swallow your enemies, quite literally. As you gain more enemies, and props; your Size and Strength becomes greater. But lastly, the cube and hover wisp are not used often. The Cube wisp allows Sonic to turn into a cube for a short time, then return to normal, but while keeping the ability. When Activated, Sonic will form into a cube, and perform a sort of stomp to the ground. This will cause blue rings to form into blocks. But, they can't be undone. This allows for Sonic to travel over long gaps. The same goes for the Hover Wisp, which allows you to move slowly through the air. This wisp isn't used often like the Cube wisp, and both are limited to certain worlds or acts. Lastly, the Cyan Wisp or laser wisp, was explained briefly above as well. But, in short it allows you to aim, and fire Sonic quickly and for a long distance. Plus, the wisp is used often throughout the game.

But, enough about wisps. Let's focus more on the worlds and their game-play.

The game consists of multiple worlds. All of these worlds revolve and are controlled by Eggman; or in this case, his Amusement Park. Each world has a unique set of designs and styles. Each having a great set of Music, and level design. Each world ranging from Calm and Soothing, to flying ships in space, all the way to a Roller Coaster of fun (Literally).
Most of the time you'll be spending, is boosting and running quickly through them. Although, you'll find yourself slowing down and enjoying some parkour; but sometimes it can get a bit frustrating, so using a stomp is mandatory. Each world has a set of wisps, as explained above. Some may have Drill Wisps, while others may have Dark Wisps. The variety of wisps all depends on the worlds design, and mood. Some worlds are Fun, and inviting. While others are Dark, and dreary. Which is more of a good thing, since it adds a sense of variety between worlds and their styles. But, how does parkour bode with this? Well, in all honesty; it works, and it does it well. You may (as explained above) find your self frustrated in some levels, and ending back at the checkpoint, and losing lives. Although, it can turn out to be refreshing at times; from the fast paced, adrenaline 3D Levels. If you can't guess, the Parkour levels are 2D/2.5D based. Meaning you will be playing more of a Sonic 1-3 type of level. Some levels/acts may/may not consist of parkour, and/or entirely. This helps the game and it's levels to be balanced, rather than having a set of 4 acts or so of just 3D, and the rest being parkour. Although, some levels are limited to a certain play style.


The Multiplayer is simple, it is known as Sonic Simulator. You can choose from 1P, 1.5P (You and a CPU), and 2P. There's also skins, and you can use Mii's.
Besides that, this adds tons of more replay value, and fun. There's a total of 7 Levels, with three acts. Hence the ability to unlock the 7 Chaos Emeralds, to gain Super Sonic.
The levels range from easy to hard, but their style is simplistic, and nothing too pleasing to the eye.

My Personal thoughts.

In my opinion, the game is great. The game balances the use of Wisps decently, but Sonic Lost World feels better in terms of that; but this game heavily relies on them. On another note, I usually have a beef with games involving the actor "Roger (Craig) Smith." Now, if you like him that's not a problem. But, this is his first game voicing Sonic; so I give him a pass. Overall, his voice as Sonic in this game is rather decent, but I feel he's (been) making Sonic sound a bit too cocky. A great example of this is Sonic Boom, but a more, amusing, quote would be this:

Of course it's rather funny, but no wonder this game is pirated so much. All sarcasm aside, I have no problems with this game! I bought it at gamestop a year after it's release, and I have enjoyed it ever since. I would totally recommend grabbing it for your Wii or Wii U. Of course, it's a bit dusty in terms of age, but still a great addition to the library; but I can't say the same for his, newer games. But, I don't want to stomp on any toes.

If you enjoyed reading this review, thanks; and show your thanks in the comments below.
Also, this is my first review, so if you see anything that's wrong, or needs some doctoring, please let me know.
Thank you, and have a wonderful week.
+ Good Graphics
+ Great Level Design
+ Interesting Story line/plot
+ Great Characters and execution
+ Great replay-ability
- Iffy parkour mechanics
- Some wisps are not used often/well
7 Presentation
The game is presented quite well. A great story/plot, great graphics for the Wii. As well as rather good Voice acting. The games physics, and gameplay styles all fit well, and work well at that. Both fast paced sections, and parkour ones are balanced well, and aren't overdone. Although, there are some parts of the game that don't do as well. Such as the wisps; by which some aren't used well, or enough.
8 Gameplay
Gameplay is perfect. The game works great with both styles; and I have never had any issues with glitches/bugs.
7 Lasting Appeal
The games story, engine, gameplay styles, and appeal are all quite well executed. The game is developed well, and is visually pleasing. There's almost nothing in terms of Negativity. The only problems I have are with the wisps.
out of 10
Overall (not an average)
In this game, you will either find yourself having fun, or being a bit bored. The games style, and appeal are all very good. But, you may end it up getting a little impatient or frustrated at points in the games levels. The bosses are not too hard, but the main concern is the parkour and it's mechanics. Which don't feel just right, but are tolerable.
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