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First chair review! CHAIRTEMP!
Secretlab is renowned for high-quality gaming chairs, I'm looking forward to testing out my first seated review.
Ben Sellwood


Secretlab makes high-quality customizable gaming chairs that are rigorously tested for safety, stability, consistency, and have an impeccable finish. Founded in 2014 by a group of hardcore PC gamers, Secretlab strives to create chairs that support your backs and wrists in stylish full-body comfort. As consumers' needs evolve so do the designs of the Secretlab series, taking into account new features and refining their products with every iteration. Since 2017 Secretlab has become the top choice for over 40 countries worldwide.


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The 2020 series comprises of the Throne, Titan, and Omega varients. I have been fortunate enough to receive an Omega model for review which is purportedly the best selling of the three models available and retails for £299.99 on their site at the time of writing. Upon receipt of the item through the post I immediately noticed it was hugely heavy, clocking in at a sturdy 30kg, but the contents were very securely and space-consciously packed in to ensure a smooth delivery. Once out the box, you are presented with what looks like an A1-sized wall chart with step by step instructions and safe usage information. As handy as this is for construction I'm really unsure why it was laminated and presented in this way. A small amount of assembly was required to push on the wheels and hydraulic lift, and a few bolts needing removing and re-fitting to connect the back of the chair to the base. With a build time of roughly 15 minutes, I found it relatively simple to do, however, it would have been easier with two people involved to hold the back in place when putting it together. Once built this chair certainly looks the part, with its stitched Prime 2.0 PU leather finish and soft weave fabric. The emblazoned logo looks incredibly iconic and striking and gives a solid finish to what appears to be a very finely crafted piece of kit.


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At its peak, this chair stands 1.35m tall and is recommended for anyone 1.6m - 1.8m in height (5' 2" - 5' 9" according to Google) and though I am 5' 9" at last measure it was a very comfortable fit for me, which I personally found relatively spacious and perfectly tall enough to accommodate my upright seated form. The Omega features four-directional adjustment buttons on each arm which pertain to height, twist, lateral width, and forward/backward positioning. Within a few seconds, it is possible to set your chair up exactly how you would lay your arms on the rests, making for an immediately comfortable preset for you to re-visit every use. Functionally the chair also includes a 9.5cm height adjustment via the class-4 gas piston, multi-tilt 85-165 degree mechanism and a maximum load of 110kg. The 165-degree tilt makes for an almost fully reclined bed thanks to its tilt lock and angle lock, but it is fairly unnerving attempting to go back that far with a slight fear of falling backwards if your weight distribution is too far up in the seat.


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Unfortunately, my unit came with a few defects. I noticed that the four dimension adjustment on the right arm was a bit off, meaning the sliding action of the arm from front to back never locked in place. On the left arm you could set a position and release the button, on the right you don't even need to press the button to slide it, it simply never locks in. I took this as an opportunity to reach out to Secret Labs and see how responsive their customer resolution strategy would be. To my utter delight, the service I received was second to none. After a little back and forth to establish a few key details I was promptly issued a replacement arm and was kept updated on the progress and tracking. Once delivered the arm was easily bolted on in a little under 2 minutes and the chair was as good as new. Though I hope this was a rare occurrence, I cannot fault the swiftness and incredibly personal touch that the Secret Labs response team provided me to get a resolution to my issue, they were extremely proficient throughout.

With a fully operational chair I decided to use it over Christmas as my top-of-the-table "throne", and given its stunning good looks and quality feel, I found it a little creaky but incredibly comfortable to use for hours on end. My entire family took turns in checking it out, critiquing it in their own way, and offering their favourite configuration to try once they had a play with all the adjustable parts. Their opinions ranged from "Oh yes" and simulating sleep, to "That's nifty" and playing with the angled armrests. For me, the Omega has surpassed my expectations and for the most part theirs too, in a sort of micro-test-group, to gauge how other people initially interact with the chair in comparison to myself. I have been using the Omega 2020 for gaming on PS4, Switch, reviewing and generally for everyday seating as a test of its durability and to see if I develop any adverse aches or pains from using it repetitively. With the sheer amount of customization available via its 4D arms, height and tilt adjustment, there is just no way you cannot find a comfortable position in this thing, though sleeping or napping in the reclined position is a rather odd prospect for me in a gaming chair, and to date, I have not been able to take a nap on this... yet. The supplied cooling gel-filled pillows is also a nice little bonus too as it supports your head when sat upright giving you another level of comfort and chiropractic treatment. I can confidently conclude that the comfort level is nigh-on perfect thanks to the included lumbar support cushion, which sits perfectly against your lower back and actively encouraging you to sit in a more upright stance. Due to working on my feet all day every day, my lower back has recently become quite volatile when seated, so something that gives me better posture and maintains my spines alignment is massively appreciated and I could definitely see myself using this over the coming years for virtually any day to day seated tasks.

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What We Liked . . . Extremely comfortable with supports for lumbar A vast array of adjustment options Exquisite detailing throughout Customer service is outstanding What We Didn't Like . . . The more adjustable parts more inherent possibility there is of wear/failure The possibility of tipping over when fully reclined is unnerving
out of 10
This chair is exceptional in terms of comfort and styling, making the Omega 2020 my go-to chair for reviewing now with the overall build quality and finish feeling extremely high calibre. The only downside I can raise is that I wonder if QA isn't quite up to scratch, however, the swift customer service more than made up for this by thoroughly in ensuring my unit got replacement parts sent out promptly. This goes a long way with me, so as a satisfied customer; I can wholeheartedly recommend Secretlabs and their stunning Omega chair.
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