I disagree with this review in many points.

"- Frustratingly bad AI"

Disagree. AI is decent in the lower difficult and good in the higher difficulties, like in the ultimate difficult. Watch some videos from Tiametmarduk and aarava in youtube and you will see the AI isn't bad.

"- Lack of basic tutorials and player guidance"

Many other racing games doesn't have basic tutorials. Despite this, the controls are well explained and the time trials mode, like in any other racing game, it's for you training and improve your driving skills. The lack of player guidance is a lie. There are driver aid, like showing the racing like and the brake points. You forget to say the track Track acclimation, Tyre management and qualify lap testing in the practice in career mode helps the player.

"Lots of content and a stunning career mode contribute to the gameplay, but some mechanics are overly complex and require a real Formula 1 racer to understand"

Completely disagree with this statement. All setups options and mechanics are very well explained. This is a simcade and having a certain complexly is a trademark of this sub racing genre (the same could be said about true racing simulators). This is not an arcade game like Need For Speed with simply mechanics and you don't need to be a "real F1 driver" to understand it. I never heard people complaining about F1 games by Codemasters for being "overly complex". I find the setup options pretty simplistic to be honest.

I believe you think Gran Turismo, Forza, Project Cars, Asetto Corsa and many other simcades or simulation racing game are "overly complex" too.

"To a Formula 1 fan, it's a masterpiece, but to anyone else, it's a bit overwhelming and doesn't stand out among other racing games."

Yes, this game was made for F1 fans and racing fans, especially the ones who likes more realistic racing games. Looks like you reviewed this game wanting something like Need for Speed, Burnout and Mario Kart. This isn't an arcade racing game and this was pretty clear since F1 2010.

Sorry to say this, but this was a bad review and you have little to none knowledge what is a simcade or a racing simulation game. This is notorious because you are criticizing the game for being "overly complex". This isn't a overly complex game. It's the same of reviewing a realistic shooter game expecting to be a Call of Duty.
Aug 24, 2016
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